Dayton, Ohio and the greater Miami Valley has a tradition of hosting innovation through the citizens such as the Wright Brothers, Charles Kettering and John Henry Patterson. Today its success lies in exceptional healthcare and education institutions as well as the U.S. Air Force’s Wright Patterson AFB. Building on the area’s natural beauty, the Fiver Rivers MetroPark hosts several intriguing trails and sights such as Sugarcreek Metropark, Dayton’s Riverscape, Sunrise Metropark, Huffman Metropark. Dayton (the Gem City) is also part of a large trail and bike path network called Buckeye Trail which connects to larger U.S. North Country Trail. This blend of natural environment and long-term vision make the Dayton area the Outdoor Capitol of the Midwest.
Spiritual SunsetPeaceful RiverScape EveningFlooded Remnants of Caesar CreekFrozen Sunset Over Caesar CreekRiverScape SwirlHorseshoe Falls at Caesar CreekHighest Point in DaytonS.R. 571 BarnClifton Gorge S.P. John Rich TrailFrozen Honeysuckle BerriesMary Louisa G. Stuart HeadstoneHarry's Sunrise

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