Dayton Skyline panorama during a colorful sunset where the -smooth Great Miami River perfectly mimics the entire spectacleDayton Skyline Reflecting Sunset's Colors No. 2The glassy smooth Great Miami River perfectly reflects the office buildings forming the Dayton Skyline, which in turn reflects the warm and colorful sunset which took to the skies over the Miami Valley. The five-side pavilion residing on the edge of the Great Miami River represents the five rivers which flow through the Dayton area. The structure also represents the spot where the first Daytonians, Samuel Thompson and Benjamin Van Cleve came ashore on 1 Apr 1796. A pavilion inscription shares the first person to set foot on shore was Catherin Van Cleve Thompson, great-great-grandmother of the Wright Brothers.

Art Installation Examples & the Opportunity in Front of You

If you are seeking large wall art employing evidence-based design (EBD) principles in healthcare art, this set of images captures recent installations in waiting rooms, foyers, hallways, and restaurants.  EBD doesn't only serve as great waiting room art in hospitals and medical facilities, but the same principles work just as well in corporate art settings.  My large canvas art prints or high-definition metal prints will bring vivid color to your professional space, add a sense of calm, while also giving you an opportunity to highlight your pride in the local community.  


I’m blessed to have access to a local, high-end printer that offers impressive capabilities.  My printers will turn these colorful images into large canvas (or multi-panel canvas) displays which will serve as a talking piece, as it adds to your wall or office décor.  I also have access to a second printer that produces really attractive and colorful prints on metal.  If you are looking to upgrade your wall decor, skip the abstract art or pastel print from the 1980s and install artwork that projects vivid colors and frankly will become the talking piece for your clients and employees. 


Some advice in decorating your waiting rooms and hallway

Abstract art may be appropriate in the art museum setting, but this genre of art is intentionally provocative and induces a sense of confusion as the viewer attempts to comprehend the meaning of the piece.  Is this really, the state of mind you want to impose on your clients as they await your services?   Researchers have already proved, scenes involving bright sunlit meadows, colorful flowers, or a local peaceful waterscape that places your clients and patients at ease.  In tests where researchers divided a study space down the hallway with scenes of nature and the other half of the rooms displaying outdated art...then black and white prints, and then even abstract art.  The data proved when patients were surrounded by representational landscapes or nature scenes, they required less pain medication, healed faster, and were discharged faster than those in rooms with outdated wall decor themes.  It's called evidence-based design in healthcare art.  It works just as well in corporate settings too!


If you need to decorate your professional spaces with artwork, you have an opportunity to do more than just fill in that blank space.  Select representational prints (a scene where the viewer immediately understands the subject; i.e sunlit meadow or garden).  Surrounding your clients in nature places them at ease.  Is there another state you'd rather impose on them?  In selecting the right artwork, find those local iconic landmarks or points of interest in amazing light.  Now you've placed them at ease and your wall decor becomes a conversation piece rather than something that simply fills wall space.  


After 24 years of serving in the Air Force, I’m ready to solve your challenges.  If an image comes close to meeting your requirements, I’ll work closely with you to match colors and properly size the prints in order to honor your client’s specific needs.  In short, if you have a challenge, problem, or question, please write me at [email protected] so I can make it happen!


Businesses Displaying My Art

Beavercreek Family Physicians, Beavercreek, OH

Fort Hamilton Hospital, Hamilton, OH

Soin, Beavercreek, OH

Mandalay Banquet, Moraine, OH

Kettering Physicians Network, Xenia, OH

Kettering Physicians Network, Jamestown, OH

Dayton Club, Dayton, OH

Greene Memorial Hospital, Xenia, OH

Kettering Health Network Operations Center, Kettering OH

Fort Hamilton Hospital, Hamilton, OH

Kettering Health Network, Troy, OH

Kettering Health Network, Piqua, OH

Kettering Health Network, Middletown, OH

Beavercreek Physicians Health Network, Beavercreek OH

Kettering Health Network, Troy, OH

Kettering Health Network, Springboro, OH

CareSource, Dayton, OH

Huffman Prairie Holdings, Miamisburg, OH

Horenstein, Nicholson & Blumenthal Law Firm, Dayton, OH

Grandview Medical Center, Emergency Department, Dayton, OH

Kettering Cancer Center, 3rd Floor, Kettering, OH

Years Ahead Health Center, Centerville, OH

Mudlick Tap House, Dayton, OH

Installed Artwork

Kettering Health Network Cancer Center No. 2Kettering Health Network Cancer Center No. 2

Breakroom, Kettering Health Network Years Ahead Health CenterBreakroom, Kettering Health Network Years Ahead Health CenterLarge canvas print installed as wall decor in Kettering Health Network Years Ahead Health Center. The print captures a Centerville Ohio landmark, the Benham's Cove Entrance in Autumn. A large canvas print in the foyer of Kettering Health Network Years Ahead Health Center celebrating the Monkey House, a Centerville Ohio landmarkLobby, Kettering Health Network Years Ahead Health Center  

Lobby, Horenstein, Nicholson & Blumenthal Law FirmLobby, Horenstein, Nicholson & Blumenthal Law Firm Art in the City, Mudlick Tap HouseArt in the City, Mudlick Tap House

Corridot, Kettering Health Network Years Ahead Health Center No. 1Corridot, Kettering Health Network Years Ahead Health Center No. 1 Corridor, Kettering Health Network Years Ahead Health Center No. 2Corridor, Kettering Health Network Years Ahead Health Center No. 2

The Dayton Club No. 1The Dayton Club No. 1

Lobby of the Troy HospitalLobby of the Troy HospitalThe first-floor lobby of Kettering Health Network hospital recently built in Troy Ohio. The large canvas art print depicts a notalgic scene from a local Troy park.   Stratacache Tower Top FloorStratacache Tower Top Floor

Virginia Kettering Library, The Dayton ClubVirginia Kettering Library, The Dayton ClubThe Virginia Kettering Library located in the Dayton Club and top floor of Dayton's tallest building. This room has a view of Kettering Ohio and the artwork features iconic Kettering parks and landmarks. 2nd Floor of the Troy Hospital2nd Floor of the Troy Hospital

Kettering Cancer Center, Kettering Health Network No. 1Kettering Cancer Center, Kettering Health Network No. 1A large canvas art print in the lobby of the Kettering Cancer Care Center. The artwork depicts a peaceful sunrise over the premiere park in Kettering Ohio.

Corridor, Troy HospitalCorridor, Troy Hospital    The Dayton Club Breakfast Area No. 2The Dayton Club Breakfast Area No. 2The breakfast area of the Dayton Club showing a colorful sunset of the Dayton Skyline which lies just outside the windows on the left of Dayton's tallest building.

Lobby, The MandalayLobby, The MandalayThe lobby of The Mandalay Conference and Banquet Center. The owners sought large canvas art prints to print their entrance while celebrating living in Dayton, Ohio    Framed artwork under glass serving as healthcare art in the corridor of a local medical facility in Centerville OhioCorridor of Kettering Health Network Years Ahead Health Center No. 3A framed glass art print in the patient corridor to the Year Ahead Health Center, Kettering Health Network, in Centerville Ohio. The closest print features a sculpture outside the local library, while the print on the far side features the Stubbs Park Amphitheater. The sculpture is called “The Record” by Michael Frasca, and resides next to the Washington Centerville Public Library. A link to this print resides at, “Washington-Centerville Public Library No. 1”.

Centerville Art Gallery Exhibit No. 1Centerville Art Gallery Exhibit No. 1The foyer of the Centerville Ohio Police Station displaying 21 art prints that celebrate skylines and parks from the local area