Art of Frozen Time | About

I'm a Midwest landscape photographer who enjoys capturing images from Ohio, Illinois and St Louis as well as our nation’s many parks.  After earning a degree in geology, I flew with the USAF and learned to find my way around the Earth using only a sextant and the stars.  Drawing on these skills, I find my best images blend elements of geology, astronomy and meteorology along with amazing light. 

For me, the most intriguing light comes at the end of the day or in low-light conditions.  The interaction of the low-angled sun and high-level clouds produce brief but amazing colors.  There are many times I think the day's end might produce another impressive image, only to find an over-the-horizon cloud blocks the sun's rays from illuminating overhead clouds, thereby muting the skies.  On other days, overhead clouds poised to being lit from underneath by the day’s last rays, suddenly evaporate from view.  But then, there are fleeting moments when it all comes together...where patience, anticipation and preparation produce stunning scenes which evoke awe and excitement!

The conditions which produce these scenes are transitory.  Sometimes, I only get a minute or two, but I’m ready.  The parks or vistas are generally empty during these hours and I often ponder if I'm the only one who just witnessed the spectacle.  Given these challenges, it is my passion to freeze these moments along with the scene’s feeling and emotion.  This is the art I strive to produce....the Art of Frozen Time.

Jeff Smith

Sugarcreek Township, OH