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Historic Knoop Homestead Avenue of Trees, Troy OH No. 1Historic Knoop Homestead Avenue of Trees, Troy OH No. 1The Knoop family has dwelled outside Troy Ohio for 200 years and 5 generations. Behind this scene lies a park is called the Historic Knoop Homestead and serves as Miami County Parks feature for its barn, field and trails. This tree-lined road called Knoop Road entails two dozen trees forming an allée or avenue, where the warm autumn sun sidelights the trees creating this magical feel.
Allee are photogenic for their inherit tree-lined leading pathways. Allee, avenue or alameda is a straight path or road with a line of trees on each side. Given their lenticular construct, they serve as compositionally leading lines. Since they feature the use of trees, they often entail a peacefully pleasing scene appropriate for wall décor whose intent is to place visitors at ease.
A curved park pathway at St Louis Forest Park where walkway lights illuminate the fiery red maple leaves on this autumn eveningAn autumn scene in Forest Park, St Louis, where the path curves under Maple trees showing bright red leave which are illuminated by up lightsA view through the terrace at Piatt Park, Cincinnati Ohio where planters offer lots of seating in cool shade.Historic Knoop Homestead Avenue of Trees, Troy OH No. 1

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