For those contemplating a purchase, this page displays pieces installed on walls.  If you have a particular combination or a picture of your wall that you'd like to see demonstrated, please write me at [email protected]!  Images generated through OhMyPrints Wallapp.  


Chain of Rocks Sunset Blue Hour Over Eads Bridge Rock Skipping At Sunset Blue Hour Over Eads Bridge Cahokian Eclipse Dayton Ohio Skyline at Twilight, No. 2 Frozen Sunset Over Caesar Creek Dayton Skyline Reflecting Sunset’s Colors Fiery Fountain of Light Peaceful RiverScape Evening Refracted Rays RiverScape Swirl Prayerful Old Faithful Strawberry Moon over Forest Park Peaceful Sunset Caesar Creek Silhouette Flaming Red Maples of Art Hill RiverRun Twilight Prayerful Old Faithful 2 Colorful Dayton Skyline Hurricane Patricia Paint California Contrails Sunset over Forest Park Wegerzyn Gardens 2 Mississippi Mirror Silver Lake Sunset Bridal Veil Falls in Autumn
Tampa Bay Sunset Fiery Fountain of Light
Coles Creek Sunset Bellbrook Ohio Spring Signs of Changing Weather Sunset over Forest Park Frozen Rend Lake Shoreline Lone Cypress Tree, CA Winter Taking Hold Over Caesar Creek No. 2 Wegerzyn Gardens