Art of Frozen Time | Rock Skipping at Sunset

Rock Skipping at Sunset

July 18, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Caesar Creek State Park, near Waynesville, Warren County, OH, is a favored place to watch colorful sunsets.  On this day, I encountered difficulty finding foreground subjects do the reservoir’s high waters.  Not wanting to see a colorful sunset go to waste, I tried to improvise a foreground subject by creating a successful set of ripple marks from a skipped rock.  After practicing my technique and then synchronizing my throw with the camera’s timer, I caught this peaceful image. 


Rock Skipping at SunsetRock Skipping at SunsetFollowing days of heavy rain, the clearing skies produced a patch of clouds which seemed poised for colorfully being illuminate by the below-the-horizon sun. The subsequent chase led me to Caesar Creek where I discovered the high-water levels submerged all known potential foreground subjects. Not wanting to yield this spectacular sunset due to poor composition, I elected to skip rocks across the surface creating a leading line towards the setting sun.


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