Golden Hour Over Spring Valley Wildlife Area No. 11

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Evidence-based Design Artwork – Art of Frozen Time

Today, I thought I’d share this print of a perfect summer day over Spring Valley Wildlife Area, Spring Valley, Ohio.  As work to refine my fine art photography, I’ve studied how nature photography supports healthcare art clients.  I thought I’d highlight several evidence-based design concepts captured in this classic Ohio landscape scene. 


Representation Landscape

In this art print, we have a representational landscape which means, the viewer quickly comprehends the scene.  Where abstract art may be a desired art form, it also creates confusion and apprehension.  In a healthcare environment where patients and families may already be overwhelmed with these feelings, a representational landscape print allows the viewer to rest their eyes within the scene, making this wall decor a point of solace. 


Calm Waterscapes

Another positive aspect of this wall print is it’s a peaceful waterscape.  Art consultants want to avoid high-energy water scenes such as large waves crashing ashore or fast-moving currents splashing against river boulders.  This Spring Valley Ohio wetland presents a very calm water scene where the air is still allowing the water surface to reflect the sky above. 


Peaceful Colors

In a healthcare environment, designers will want to avoid red in large qualities.  Red may work as small print accents, but if the color is too overt, it may quick to remind viewers of blood.  Intuitively, blues and greens are known calming colors where the viewer finds the hues soothing and re-enforces the biophilia theory mentioned in earlier blogs.  In this Ohio march setting, the blue skies and lush green vegetation works well in a healthcare environment. 


Openness and Long Sightlines

Another factor embedded in this scene lies in its open sky and clear views to the local horizon.  Researchers have measured a lack of stress and anxiety when viewers are presented with scenes portraying these traits.  Researchers postulate perhaps it’s something deeper in the human psyche where life on the African savannah proved more secure from sudden ambushed given the longer sightlines.  A composition which allows the eyes to rest in the foreground, mid-ground, and horizon provides a pleasing perspective and hopefully a moment of solitude.

A morning image of an Ohio marsh were the still surface waters form a perfect reflection of the blue sky and surround green vegetationGolden Hour Over Spring Valley Wildlife Area No. 11As the sun climbs into the clear skies over Spring Valley Wildlife Area, the marsh’s lush green vegetation peacefully compliments the blue sky creating a scene perfect for healthcare art.


If you’d like to purchase this print just click on the image.  I have more morning scenes in my Spring Valley Wildlife Area gallery.  If you are an art consultant seeking more evidence-based design nature scenes, I have a series of galleries called Nature Scenes (Meadows, Plants, and Trees, a host of several waterscape galleries and scenes from gardens



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