Sunrise Over Spring Valley Wildlife Area No. 4

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Evidence-Based Design Photography – Art of Frozen Time

In highlighting the beauty of Ohio’s landscape, I thought I’d share this morning sunrise scene from the Spring Valley Wildlife Area, Spring Valley, Ohio.  This canvas print hangs in a hospital hallway where art consultants specializing in evidence-based design (EBD) used this print to address their healthcare art client needs.  This wetlands marsh captures an environment filled with an abundance of life and aquatic vegetation.  A key term in EBD is Biophilia which recognizes humans feel an innate draw to nature and experience comfort and relaxation once immersed in nature.  Realizing nature art prints help in promoting patient healing, hospital designers seek to adorn patient rooms, hospital hallways and waiting rooms with art prints of nature.  In this wall print, the sun rising through the still air also gives the view a sense of hope and calm, which makes this an ideal example of art which helps the healing.
From the edge of an Ohio marsh at dawn, the sun forms a starburst as it breaks through the distant tree line illuminated the light fog hanging over the lakeSunrise Over Spring Valley Wildlife Area No. 3South of Spring Valley Ohio lies the Spring Valley Wildlife Area. This gem consists of 800 acres of marsh and grasslands. Naturalist have documented 230 species of birds. On this summer morning a light fog hung near the lake surface as the sun quietly broke over the distant tree line.

If you’d like to purchase this print just click on the image.  I have more morning scenes in my Spring Valley Wildlife Area gallery.  If you are an art consultant seeking more evidence-based design nature scenes, I have a series of galleries called Nature Scenes (Clouds, Flowers, Forest, Meadows, Plants and Trees.


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