Dayton Skyline in Black and White

March 25, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Black and White Fine Art Prints of the Dayton Skyline

When I first started my photography pursuits, I’d occasionally capture a scene that didn’t reach my aspirations.  Occasionally I would convert the image to black and white only to learn it still lacked impact. 

Recently, I was approached (twice in the same week) for black and white prints of the Dayton Skyline.  Both clients were seeking elegant prints while touting their Dayton Ohio pride.  Although my favored Dayton cityscape prints look spectacular in color, I was pleased how they also worked well in black and white.   

These Dayton sunset prints entailed colorful evenings where the below-the-horizon sun raked light across the bottom of the clouds creating intriguing skies which the Great Miami River mimicked in fascinating fashion. 

Black and white scene of the Dayton skyline where the setting sun raked light across the bottom of cloudsSurprise Sunset Over Dayton Skyline No. 3 in B&WA black and white version of an amazing sunset in Miami Valley skies as the below-the-horizon sun raked light across the bottom of overcast clouds creating a stunning print of the Dayton skyline. Black and white print of the Dayton Ohio Skyline where cirrus clouds remain illuminated as the sun sets over the Miami ValleyWispy Dayton Skyline No. 1 in B&WA black and white version of a fascinating sun set over the Dayton skyline as high-level cirrus clouds still catch light from the setting sun as the approaching evening takes hold in the Miami Valley.

If you are interested in this print, just click on it.  I also have a gallery of other interesting black and white Dayton scenes.

Dayton Skyline at sunset where the setting sun illuminated the overcast skies from underneath creating a facinating sceneDayton Skyline at Sunset in B&WA black and white version of a colorful sunset over the Dayton skyline. As the sun descended below the horizon, its light raked across the bottom of the storm clouds as blustery wind gave the Great Miami River an interesting foreground texture.


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