Golden Hour Over Dead Horse Point No. 18Golden Hour Over Dead Horse Point No. 18

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Sunburst appears over Sugarcreek MetroPark Osage Orange Tunnel warmly backlighting autumn's golden leaves.Autumn Stroll Under the Osage Orange Tunnel, Sugarcreek MetroPark No. 4Another Dayton-area gem lies in Sugarcreek MetroPark (Sugarcreek Township Ohio, near Bellbrook Ohio). The Osage Orange Tunnel serves as a treat any time of year, but on this autumn morning, the sun’s azimuth aligned with the iconic trail which warmly backlights the golden leaves creating a visual wonder. Dayton Skyline panorama at twilight as the Miami River reflects the city lights and pink and purple cloudsPanorama of Dayton Skyline During a Late Summer TwilightAnother perfect Miami Valley evening where the Great Miami River took on a mirror finish as mid-level clouds hung over RiverScape MetroPark. As twilight deepened, Dayton's city lights became more prominent as the passing clouds took on surprising pink and purple hues.