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Uploaded 6-Sep-20
Taken 3-May-20
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Dayton Rainbow Skyline

This scene took place on 3 May 2020 where in moments before, the skies were grey, and winds...blustery which drove me to ponder the wisdom of standing in the rain with my digital camera. When I started this 86-image panoramic sequence, the sun found a break in clouds at the last possible moment. Realizing I seconds left, I quickly pointed my camera into the sun. During this bustle, the rainbow unknowingly formed behind me. Perhaps it was the steady rain and the constant wiping of my lens, but I was engrossed in the technique. With my last planned shot I stepped back from the camera and finally noted the still off-camera rainbow, so I continued the panoramic sweep. Despite building a big picture, I nearly missed an even larger one.
Canon EOS 5D Mark IV, f/22 @ 17 mm, 1/4, ISO 100, No Flash

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Panorama of the Dayton Skyline where the sun peeks through a sliver of clear air at sunset which produces a full rainbow