Waiting Room Art and Hospital Art
A Caesar Creek twilight where a band of cirrus clouds diagonally spanned the sky as the fading light painted the wispy clouds in pink hues which contrasted with the deepening blue sceneCaesar Creek Twilight No. 1On this evening, visitors to Caesar Creek State Park enjoyed a little skyfire as high-level cirrus clouds slowly passed through the Ohio sky. At one point, the clouds consolidated into two bands which delightfully drew the eye to the distant horizon. As twilight deepened into blue hour, the lofty leading lines took on a rich salmon color as the lake’s waters assumed an evening calm forming a perfect reflection of the spectacle overhead.   The Smith Gardens consist of a decorative garden house, a meandering stream which flows into a pond with lily pads surrounded by impeccable flower beds of yellow daffodils, red and yellow tulips and gOakwood’s Smith Gardens No. 2In 1930, Carlton and Jeanette Smith began cultivating an adjacent plot, at the corner of Oakwood Ave and Walnut Lane, into a garden which offered continuous bloom. In January 1975, the Smiths donated the family home and adjacent garden to the City of Oakwood, Ohio. The city sold the home and uses the funds to maintain the Smith Memorial Gardens with amazing plants. In April 1996, Ohio Magazine surmised Smith Gardens were “finest tiny public gardens in Ohio. It's like a secret treasure on an ordinary side street.” As seen in this image, the city faithfully pursues the Smith’s vision in maintaining this little piece of heaven.

A primer on Evidence-based Design in Healthcare Art  

- Evidence-based design (EBD) principles guide art programs in today’s top healthcare facilities

- Researchers divided a hospital with traditional art on one side of the hallway & nature photography in the other rooms

- EBD researchers proved when patients are immersed in nature, they had lower blood pressure, less stress, required less pain meds, healed & were discharged faster…EBD produces favorable patient outcomes

- The same principles benefit corporate boardrooms, hospitality facilities, and government offices/hallways

Art Buyer Tips 

- SELECT representational landscapes (where viewer understands the scene); allows the mind to relax

- SELECT landscapes with long sightlines and open skies which fosters a sense of openness/safety; theory lies in threats of ambush in prehistoric man’s life

- SELECT scenes filled with plants and lush gardens; builds on biophilia theory; abundant life is good

- SELECT local scenes; allows you to tout pride in the local area & where your waiting room art becomes a conversation piece about shared experiences

- AVOID abstract art; induces confusion and doubt which is bad for patients facing big life decisions & loss of control in their lives

- AVOID black & white prints which are cold & confusing, why foster this mood in clients? 

- AVOID wildlife subjects which often remind viewer/clients they are part of the food chain

- AVOID certain colors like red in the ER Dept

- AVOID misusing scene w/ room’s purpose; water is good, unless it’s in the bladder ultrasound room

Nearly mature wheat awaits harvest as the sun’s last rays paints the field in warm golden light.Wheat Field at Golden Hour No. 5During this sunset image, varying layers of clouds create an interesting sky, while a Miami Valley wheat field stands ready for harvest as the day’s last rays paint the Ohio farm in warm golden light.   High cirrus clouds in this sunrise scene catch the sun’s reddest rays producing a colorful spectacle while the calm lake below produces a mirror refection of the spectacle aboveCedar Cliff Falls in Spring No. 8Cedar Cliff Falls resides in Indian Mound Reserve under the management of the Greene County Parks & Trails system, near Cedarville, Ohio. The previous year, the park district constructed the boardwalk and overlook giving visitors an impressive view as Massie Creek spills into the gorge below. On this perfect spring day, Ohio’s lush green vegetation surrounds the water feature and cumulus clouds hang in the blue azure skies.


Excellent Sources in Evidence-based Design in Healthcare Art  

- Picture Of Health: Handbook for Healthcare Art - Henry Domke, M.D.

- Putting Patients First - Best Practices 2d Ed - Frampton and Charmel

- A Guide to Evidence-based Art - Kathy Hathorn and Upali Nanda