Art of Frozen Time | Gateway Arch

In the shadows of a great native American civilization of Cahokia, the iconic St Louis skyline, Gateway Arch stand along the mighty “Mississippi River”. These photos capture the city, “Jefferson National Expansion Memorial”, the river and the “St Louis Arch” in the best light, often during colorful sunsets with intriguing architectural reflections in the river’s waters.
Cahokian EclipseMississippi MirrorFiery Frozen Gateway ArchHurricane Patricia PaintGateway SunsetMississippi Mirror IIHurricane Patricia PaintGateway Arch SunsetGateway SunsetFiery Frozen Gateway ArchCirrus SunsetGateway Arch SunsetSalmon SunsetSt Louis Skyline in Black and WhiteSt Louis Skyline in Black and White - Panoramic

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