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Red maple leaves displaying their bright fall colors while in the background lies a blurred scene consisting of walking paths and a pondKettering's Lincoln Park in the FallLincoln Park in Kettering, Ohio features many amenities to include sculptures, walking paths, pavilion and pond. In this fall photo, the surrounding maple trees displayed the amazing red color.
The City of Kettering Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Arts Department operates a couple of dozen parks throughout Kettering Ohio. In addition to Hills and Dales MetroPark, Lincoln Park Civic Commons, and Polen Farm which have dedicated galleries, this gallery features prints from Delco Park, Pondview Park, and many others.

If you’d like to see the results of Kettering’s Public Art Program, visit this Kettering Ohio Sculpture Gallery.
Delco Park Lake Pavilion No. 2The Charles F. Kettering History Walk, Delco Park No. 3Kettering’s Veterans Memorial at Delco Park No. 1The Charles F. Kettering History Walk, Delco Park No. 4Kettering’s Veterans Memorial at Delco Park No. 5

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