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Kiser Lake SunsetKiser Lake SunsetFollowing a cloudy overcast day, regional satellite imagery indicated a clearing sky on the western horizon. Thinking this might provide a break for the setting sun to illuminate the high clouds from below, we headed out to Kiser Lake State Park. Upon arrival we found the sunset was dismal…but then color started to materialize on the distant horizon. Within moments, the sky took on yellow, orange, pink and purple hues as I found a small wetland stream to serve as a leading line to the greater spectacle.
Kiser Lake State Park the Army Corps of Engineers. Kiser Lake State Park occupies 500 acres of land in western Champaign County Ohio. The images of this gallery represent peaceful waterscape images of this lake at sunset and twilight. The resolution of these photos readily make large canvas print wall art and will instill a sense of calmness in your waiting room or patient rooms.
Kiser Lake SunsetKiser Lake Surprise

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