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Lorain Harbor Lighthouse at Twilight No. 2Lorain Harbor Lighthouse at Twilight No. 2The Lorain Lighthouse, also known as the “Jewel of the Port”, resides in Lake Erie at the mouth of the Black River, Lorain, Ohio. This structure has stood for 100 years where its predecessors failed in the face of Lake Erie’s fierce storms. In 1965, residents fought to save the structure from demolition and through a series of improvement projects preserved the lighthouse where today it serves as a symbol of local pride. In this twilight image, the atmosphere and lake refracted light in their own way creating intriguing colors and a compositionally minimalistic scene.
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This series of images ential images of lighthouses which offer the peaceful seascape scenes perfect for waiting room art.
Lorain Harbor Lighthouse at Twilight No. 1Lorain Harbor Lighthouse at Twilight No. 2

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