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A colorful sunset image of Cox Arboretum where several waves of stratocumulus clouds form intriguing leading lines to the western sky.  The below-the-horizon sun paints the clouds in a spectacular salColorful Cox Arboretum Sunset No. 3Cox Arboretum and Gardens MetroPark is one of many parks in Dayton’s Five Rivers MetroParks system. James M. Cox and his family established the park in 1962 through the donation of their land. Fifteen years ago, the James M. Cox Jr. Arboretum Foundation hired Francois Goffinet, an amazing landscape designer from Belgium, to establish park’s master plan. Today the park hosts many features to include the Water Garden and Monet Bridge as captured in this scene. In this image, an impressive sunset illuminated the clouds creating a spectacle throughout the Miami Valley.
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The Midwest host many amazing parks, particularly in the Dayton area and these prints capture calm waters created through planning and architectural hardscape. A few of these parks lie in the Five Rivers MetroPark system, Kettering parks and St Louis’s Forest Park. Calm waterscapes immerse patients in soothing environments which promote healing and favorable patient outcomes. This approach recognizes Humans have an innate draw to water. Researchers find artwork involving calm water scenes invites observers to dwell in the image, providing for a peaceful distraction which reduces stress and allows patients to heal faster while reducing reliance on pain medications.

If you are seeking peaceful waiting room artwork, relaxing waterscapes or relaxing water scenes, these art prints are perfect for your healthcare art décor requirements. These fine art photography calm water views were produced from high-resolution images and will readily make for large canvas wall art becoming a conversation piece for your clients and patients as they enjoy your peaceful waiting room artwork.
A colorful sunset over St Louis Forest Park, where pink and purple clouds hang over the Nathan Frank Bandstand while Pagoda Lake reflects the impressive skyA nightscape of the Forest Park Nathan Frank Bandstand, in St Louis Missouri where a full moon hangs over the park and Pagoda lake reflects the sky aboveA small Ohio college with architectural gardens and fountains reside under perfect skiesTwilight image taken from RiverScape MetroPark in the calm waters below the recently finished RiverRun.  As the Great Miami River spills over the kayak chutes, an eddy develops in the foreground whileA twilight image where a rock-stacked cairn stands in quiet solitude on the shoreline of the Great Miami River which also perfectly reflects the lights from the Dayton Skyline.As the sun sets over Cox Arboretum, the sun’s last rays are filtered by the parks trees as the pond reflects the warm-colored skiesA colorful sunset image of Cox Arboretum where several waves of stratocumulus clouds form intriguing leading lines to the western sky.  The below-the-horizon sun paints the clouds in a spectacular salAs autumn reached peak color around Kettering’s Lincoln Park Pond, the setting sun painted the scene in golden lightUnder burning blue skies, Kettering’s Civic Park Commons displays impressive fall colors.

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