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Sipapu Natural Bridge No. 11Sipapu Natural Bridge No. 11Natural Bridges National Monument features many of the world’s largest natural bridges, but upon driving into the park, its beauty remains hidden from casual eye. To witness this park’s grandeur, once must accept faith and descend into the park’s depths through a series of questionable ladders, knowing each step-down doubles as a strenuous climb back into the hot desert. Many on the path chose to turn around but this gallery shares the views from the bottom of the gorge.
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Natural Bridges National Monument lies in southeast Utah and holds three well know rock bridges: Kachina, Owachomo, and Sipapu Natural Bridges. These bridges are carved from the Permian-era Cedar Mesa Formation sandstones. These prints celebrate the best of America’s National Resources and will look great on any wall décor.
Sipapu Natural Bridge No. 9Sipapu Natural Bridge No. 11Sipapu Natural Bridge No. 14Sipapu Natural Bridge No. 15Sipapu Natural Bridge Panorama No. 3

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