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Tall grass prairie sunset where a sunburst mimics the yellow petals of the Black-eyed Susans under an interesting skyColorful Dayton skyline sunset where the sun illuminated the clouds from underneath in warm colors as the Miami River took on interesting textureIn this twilight view of the Dayton skyline from Deeds MetroPark, the city pays respect to Detective Jorge Del Rio.  As tribute to his service and dedication, Dayton turns all its accent lights to bluSunburst appears over Sugarcreek MetroPark Osage Orange Tunnel warmly backlighting autumn's golden leaves.A wooden bridged with red paint spaces Tawawa Creek on a colorful autumn evening as the thinning leave barely block the setting sun and its golden lightA traditional Ohio barn with metal roof, red paint and white silo next to a pond whose still waters form a perfect reflectionA winter scene from Carriage Hill MetroPark where the snow-covered split-rail fence leads the eye towards the park’s visitor center.A tree-lined paved trail parallels Piqua Ohio’s Hydraulic Canal Run in autumn where the sun illuminated the autumn colored leavesDayton Skyline panorama at twilight as the Miami River reflects the city lights and pink and purple cloudsDayton Ohio’s Fountain of Light erupts during a sunset where the sun peaks through the overcast sky and warmly illuminates the fountain spray on this summer evening.Under amazing blue skies, the UD campus trees begin their colorful transition to fallUnder burning autumn blue skies, the Smith Memorial Gardens offers a visual wonder with the trees transiting from green to orange and the rich colored vegetation surrounding the garden pondA Caesar Creek twilight where a band of cirrus clouds diagonally spanned the sky as the fading light painted the wispy clouds in pink hues which contrasted with the deepening blue sceneA red-brick wall replicating the façade of the Wright Aeronautical Laboratory which once stood on this site.Sunset over Turret Arch and Double Arch, Arches National Park, where the low-angled sunlight rakes over the red sandstoneA panoramic sunrise from Arches National Park where the North Window arches to the center of the image and Turret Arch basks in the morning lightGolden Hour Over Delicate ArchPanorama of the Dayton Skyline where the heavily clouded sky caught warm colorful light appearing as skyfireHigh cirrus clouds in this sunrise scene catch the sun’s reddest rays producing a colorful spectacle while the calm lake below produces a mirror refection of the spectacle aboveA meandering trail leads the viewer through an Ohio tall-grass prairie towards a colorful sunset on a late fall evening

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