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Dayton Skyline where the Miami River perfectly reflects the warm city lights which complements the deep blues of twilightSunburst appears over Sugarcreek MetroPark Osage Orange Tunnel warmly backlighting autumn's golden leaves.Dayton’s Fountain of Lights panorama erupting during colorful sunset where the fountain sprays catch the warm sunlightA twilight image where a rock-stacked cairn stands in quiet solitude on the shoreline of the Great Miami River which also perfectly reflects the lights from the Dayton Skyline.Colorful Dayton skyline sunset where the sun illuminated the clouds from underneath in warm colors as the Miami River took on interesting textureA twilight view of the Eads Bridge as it crosses the Mississippi River towards St Louis where the calm river reflects the bridge, skyline & Gateway Arch.Colorful sunset over Cox Arboretum where pink stratocumulus clouds form intriguing leading lines to the western skyTwilight over St Louis Missouri where the smooth Mississippi River perfectly reflected the St Louis skyline and Gateway ArchA red-brick wall replicating the façade of the Wright Aeronautical Laboratory which once stood on this site.Late summer sunset image off the historic Huffman Prairie where the green grassy foreground shows the Wright Brothers replica hangar and starting derrick, while the background captures a dissipating tA nightscape of the Forest Park Nathan Frank Bandstand, in St Louis Missouri where a full moon hangs over the park and Pagoda lake reflects the sky aboveA colorful shoreline sunset where eroded trees roots offer foreground interest as the frozen lake reflects the amazing skyDayton Skyline panorama at twilight as the Miami River reflects the city lights and pink and purple cloudsA Caesar Creek twilight where a band of cirrus clouds diagonally spanned the sky as the fading light painted the wispy clouds in pink hues which contrasted with the deepening blue sceneTall grass prairie sunset where a sunburst mimics the yellow petals of the Black-eyed Susans under an interesting skyPanorama of the Dayton Skyline where the sun peeks through a sliver of clear air at sunset which produces a full rainbowSunset over Turret Arch and Double Arch, Arches National Park, where the low-angled sunlight rakes over the red sandstonePanorama of the Dayton Skyline where the heavily clouded sky caught warm colorful light appearing as skyfireA full moon rising over Sedona’s Cathedral Rock where the setting sun paints the red sandstone in warm light creating a magical sceneA morning view of Sedona, Arizona’s Twin Butte where golden light washed over the red rocks of the Schnebly Hill Formation

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