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Cahokian EclipseCahokian EclipseIn late 2014, St Louis looked forward to the once in a lifetime sunset eclipse. Capturing the Arch and Sun in the same image involved finding an elevated position along a very narrow azimuth several miles away in order to keep the sun the same size as the Gateway Arch. Fortunately, 1,600 years ago, an unknown native American people built the largest and most complex archaeological site north of Mexico City. Today, historians call these earthworks, the Cahokia Mounds…a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
As the occulting moon covered the setting sun, heavy clouds obscured the celestial event. Undeterred, a small group of worshipers continued their chants and beating drums thereby carving out a fleeting window for this incredible view. The orange hues arise from the solar filter on the end of my 400mm lens.


Although my website displays each image with a watermarked overlay, the actual print (or product) you recieve will not include my logo.  


Approval, Processing and Shipping Times

I approve print orders with in one day for release to my print service.  My printer processes orders within one to three days (product dependent) before they ship the item under criteria you’ve when purchasing the product. 


Print Ratio

I’ve sized each image to a golden ratio.  For millennia, artists and architects deem 1 to 1.618 as the most pleasing ratio which Nature replicates in all its glory.  It’s like comparing the ratio of today’s wide screen TVs to traditional screens.  If your needs require a different ratio, like a 1:1.27 ration for an 11x14, we offer you the ability to designate how the image is cropped by an adjustable sizing tool which appears over the image. 


More sizes/orientation

For a particular event, I only post a singular best image to my website, however, I’ve taken several using varying angles, focal lengths and orientation.  If an image falls a little short of your requirements, such as needing a portrait vs a landscape orientation, there’s a good chance I can help you.  Just write me at



I stand by a print quality guarantee and a damaged product guarantee.  In the rare case you need to activate either guarantee, please contact me within 30 days. 



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